SO.GE.SE. has been operating in the field of management of sports facilities since 1974.
Today our company certainly represents the most important reality of the Province of Bologna in terms of the presence of individuals who attend sports facilities of any kind.

From an initial activity mainly linked to swimming pools, the corporate competences have extended to sporting activities in general aquatic and not, and to the proposals for the free time.

All management and activities offered by SO.GE.SE pursue objectives of quality and service safety guaranteed by the system UNI EN ISO 9001 quality of which SO.GE.SE has been certified since 2001 through the inspection of TUV Italia.

Currently SO.GE.SE. manages in Bologna and around 13 sports facilities of various types, mainly equipped with swimming pools,  and offers a wide range of additional services.

The public facilities in Bologna are the 25-metre Stadio, Cavina and Arcoveggio swimming pools and the Vasco de Gama Sports Centre.

In the outskirt of Bologna  the swimming pools of Sasso Marconi, Budrio, Monterenzio, S.

Giovanni in Persiceto, Castel S. Pietro Terme and the multipurpose sports centres of Ozzano, Pianoro, S.Lazzaro, Zola Predosa.

All the buildings are owned by the municipalities that assigned them in concession to SO.GE.SE through public tenders.

SO.GE.SE. has, over time, helped to significantly increase the number of users of services in the swimming pool, encouraging the practice of swimming free throughout the year so as to offer a fitness activity alternative to the more usual one in the gym.

To improve the customer service a new project/service has recently started:  to provide,  through swim trainer,  amateur swimmers with the possibility of having those technical indications aimed at improving their style, while remaining free to attend. This, combined with the personalised workouts we provide, aims to help users set challenging and targeted goals aimed at achieving well-being and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The aim is to create an environment conducive to socialising to “group” and participate in activities and events outside the pool.

During the winter, our swimming pool  are frequented by those who practise activities which are divided into free, course and competitive attendance; in summer also families, singles, groups, solar camps.

To these contacts are added visitors, carers, spectators of competitive competitions as well as parents and relatives who accompany the children to the courses.


Since 2019 Sogese has been transformed into an Amateur Sports Cooperative Society ( S.C.S.D.) and in addition to the sector relating to the management of sports facilities, it is also a sports association affiliated with F.I.N as a reference for Master swimmers, open water swimming activities and swimming for rescue.
Sogese is also affiliated to F.I.T.R.I. (Triathlon Federation), to the F.I.P.E. (Weightlifting) and to the sports promotion entities  U.I.S.P. (  and AICS ( .

There are 7 competitive teams headed by Sogese Acqua Community:

  •  Masters Swimmers

  •  Synchronised swimming

  •  Youth swimming

  •  Underwater hockey

  •  Water Basketball

  •  Finswimming

  •  Weightlifting

Over the years SO.GE.SE. has expanded the offer to various water activities and alternatives to swimming for the pursuit of physical fitness and well-being. In fact, it offers FITNESS lessons in the water such as HYDROSPIN (bicycle in the water), TREADMILL (treadmill in the water) and HYDROMIX, all of which can also be booked individually.

SOGESE manages 5 gyms/weight rooms, 4 of which are inside the Ozzano, San Lazzaro, Sasso Marconi and Castel S. Pietro swimming pools and only the Gymnasium Studios training room in the Mazzini district of Bologna.

The quality “line” SO.GE.SE. it also passes through the underwater activities managed by the Staff of the CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities). Furthermore, the Punto Blu Sogese provides the most complete range of underwater water activities in the pools and at the sea with free diving tests to be booked in each pool.

During the summer SO.GE.SE. offers citizens oases in the city to dedicate themselves to relaxation alone, in company or with the family. When the beach becomes an unattainable mirage and you want to avoid hours of exhausting queues on the motorway, the swimming pools in the summer version want to refresh the hot days of those who stay in the city, offering solariums equipped with sunbed hire, play areas for children, entertainment activities, fitness and much more. SO.GE.SE. has also equipped many structures with spaces dedicated to beach volleyball, table tennis, games for the little ones so that the whole family can spend a pleasant day.